Blairgowrie Safety Info

The BCA is dedicated to a safer Blairgowrie.

In An Emergency:

Panic Button

Press your Panic Button immediately


Call 10111 (112 on a cell phone)
You must call 10111 as the crime must be reported

Emergency Service

Call the emergency service needed

Emergency Services:

Beagle Watch / CSS

Fidelity ADT

Ghost Squad  (Please note the BCA has no direct relationship with
Ghost Squad and cannot follow up on incident reports)

JMPD / Fire / Ambulance



Linden Victim Support Unit

The Committee urges all residents to:

  • Take all steps necessary to secure you property
  • Be AWARE of your surroundings when you leave and return home
  • Follow security protocols in an emergency
  • Take responsibility for reporting any suspicious activity. To 10111 and you security company.
  • NOT TO POST pictures or videos of suspects or suspicious behaviour. Show the evidence to SAPS. A court of law is dutybound to dismiss any case against a would-be perpetrator if evidence has been circulated to the detriment of the case e.g. Police line-ups are compromised.

Linden CPF

The BCA has a close relationship with the Linden Community Policing Forum (CPF).

A CPF is essentially a body that bridges the divide and forges good relationships between the South African Police Services (SAPS) and the community.

The Linden SAPS is divided into 4 Sectors. Blairgowrie falls part of Sector 1 (along with 5 other surrounding suburbs). W/O Kotze is our Sector 1 Commander (TBC).

Each Sector has its own CPF Sub-forum where residents, SAPS and security companies involved in that specific sector meet to discuss items such as combined crime fighting efforts and special ops.

Linden CPF