Choose Your Contribution


The BCA is a Nonprofit Organisation and is run by a group of volunteers to help make Blairgowrie the best it can be.

With the help of involved residents and businesses, the financial contributions received enable the BCA to continue transforming Blairgowrie into a great place to live whilst improving our property values.

It takes money to get a lot of things done!

Where does your money go?


  • We undertake private projects to keep the suburb clean, tidy and welcoming. Think curb side appeal!
  • Spruit initiative; Landscaping, gardening and maintenance; Community Beautification; Labour; Materials (refuse bags, paintbrushes, paint); once-off Rubbish Removals.
  • Administration: Secretariat; Accounting; Communications & Web hosting; Telephony; Printing.

Receipts/Invoices/Confirmation of payment

Unfortunately, due to administration time/process we are unable to reply to each subscription with an invoice/receipt/thank you, but please know we are truly thankful for your donation!

If you do need/want an invoice we will happily do this for you, please email and we can sort that out for you.

Financial Transparency:

The BCA is submitted to voluntary auditing at each Financial Year End. Any spending has to be discussed amongst the Committee and Directors. Any refund claims submitted to the BCA (generally by the Committee members) have to be signed off by the Chairperson and the Treasurer.